Interviewing Right : a simple tool for a fruitful Investigation

When investigating a failure, deviation or an incident as a part of your QMS procedure, interviews can be amongst the most important tools that can be used to get to the desired problem root. Believe it or not, but you will be able to dig out a lot of information (and sometimes even the root

Human Errors – Person or System? (Part -II)
The System approach and Avoiding FAE

In the previous blog, we saw that when we tend to overvalue the role of person factors and overlook the impact of external influencing factors, we are making a mistake that psychologists have termed the fundamental attribution error (FAE).In this blog, we will look into 2 aspects to effective root cause identification for Human errors

Human Errors – Person or System? (Part -I)
The Fundamental Attribution Error

How often have you come across individuals in your organization inferring on the cause of incident or a failure as the “Person Problem” ? Without much thoughts, you would say “Quite often”, right? It can be thought of that this way, it’s easier to get to a conclusion rather than considering the innumerable possibilities of

An End to the Blame-Game

The common initial reaction when one comes across an error is to find the person behind it and blame him for the erroneous activity. However, even apparently single events or errors are due most often to the convergence of multiple contributing factors and not just a single Root cause. Blaming an individual does not change