Who We Are?

Heuristics Pharma Perceptions Private Limited Is currently the only Pharmaceutical innovative solution company in the World to spearhead specialized expertise that covers the full spectrum of services with an expansive portfolio that includes Investigation management, Human error reduction, Continuous and Sustainable Quality Improvement, Innovative technologies for digitization, and error management support systems.

With a vision to Create Error-free Systems to Preserve Valued Human Lives Globally, Heuristics extends its wings to the Global market with its deliberate endeavours by creating innovative products/ services that effectively employs innovation and technology into Quality Management Systems for the Global Pharmaceutical Market.

Our Approach

Heuristics believes in the power of technology to create an error-free industry and so, we passionately pursue creation of unique methodologies and strategies that involve machine learning and artificial intelligence.

At Heuristics, we consider a flexible outlook to problems. Every Organization has its own issues – and we provide a unique solution to each of those problems. One major ideology that we keep in mind is that our roles as problem solvers, is not restricted to just identify pain points in the systems and suggest solutions; but rather help our Clients implement solutions and sustain the improved state.

Our Vision

To Create Error-free Environments in the Pharmaceutical and allied industries to Preserve Valued Human Lives.

Why the Need?

With the ever-increasing citations on inadequate error Investigations and failure to investigate human errors by Global regulatory authorities, it becomes crucial to re-look into our approach to reducing these errors.

Hence, Heuristics – in association with the World-renowned academic experts, organizational psychologists, reliability specialists and industry experts – has developed the much-needed approach to reducing errors in Pharmaceutical Organizations across the World.