The Founder

Karishma Khemani

HEURISTICS is a Gujarat based Pharma Solution Company established in 2020. The Founder – Ms. Karishma Khemani, a perfectionist with a high inclination to solve concrete issues and make things better, holds a Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry from M. S. University, Vadodara. Gujarat.

With a remarkably ‘Brilliant Academics’ to her career, Ms. Karishma Khemani holds unmatched Corporate Experiences, as a ‘Quality Investigator’ & ‘Human Error Expert’ with internationally acclaimed Pharma Groups like ‘LUPIN’ & ‘ZYDUS’.

Ms. Karishma has been honoured with innumerable awards in her career, implying a conscientious personality that she owns. She has to her credits 3000+ successfully investigated cases. But, being a diligent professional this did not bring her the necessary contentment. As to her view, the repeated observations from the world regulators on ‘Inadequate Failure Investigation’ has been something that needed to be worked on, to bring in the best of results.

On the Inception of ‘HEURISTICS’ she says : “Although, I was doing a great job being an employee of the best Pharma Companies in India, the critical task of Quality Investigations needed more focus and sensitization than just being working on it. As a responsible professional, I owe my knowledge and experience to this Industry and so , I decided to increase my reach by taking the responsibility of creating a World Class Expertise in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry through ‘HEURISTICS’ ”.

Her aspiration for robust investigation systems with appropriate methodical ‘Human Error Evaluation’ and the scope for building expertise in this field drove her to action, giving her the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into forming ‘HEURISTICS’.

With strong Industrial Experiences and Technical Understandings, Ms. Karishma holds expertise in the new modernised ‘Pharma Culture’ & ‘Human Outlook’ which can impact the Financial Dynamics of a Company.

A note from the Founder:

“ The World is now looking towards India for fulfilling its ever-increasing demands for Pharmaceutical products. With that in mind, we envision to have our systems which not just curtails these requirements, but also represents ‘Quality’ to the entire world. This dream project is one of the ways in which we would want to contribute to this much needed Sector, towards emerging as a World Leader. Heuristics has it’s values aligned with the initiatives like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’ started by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, where we will have our own line of experts forged within organizations with much superior skills.

We as pharmaceutical Professionals, are really diligent to preserve the quality in our units, often not realizing that we need a new perception and an outlook to walk with the constantly growing requirements of the World regulators. I am extremely glad to introduce Heuristics to be the first and only station in India as of now, bringing-in new prospects for specialized solutions in Investigation management and Human error reduction. We hope you reap the benefits from our services as we sincerely offer them to you!”

Karishma Khemani
Founder and Director